Favorite Directors

Quentin Tarantino
The first movie by Tarantino I've watched a few years ago and it was "From Dusk Till Dawn". I was really shocked by his performance. Then I watched criminal "Pulp Fiction", insane "Four Rooms", bloody "Sin City", mad "Death Proof", dramatic "Reservoir Dogs", revengeful "Kill Bill" and in the theater I was lucky to enjoy epic "Inglourious Basterds". Every his movie shocked me, impressed me so hard that I would never forget his brutal characters, philosophical dialogs and the way Tarantino shows us his fantasies. His style is in every detail - from guns to soundtrack. He will always be my best maniac in the cinema world.

Tim Burton 
He is a director, who tells in his movies creepy and magical stories. His fantasy is infinite and I can forgive him his last Disney 3D project called "Alice in Wonderland". Tim can scare me with his "Sleepy Hollow", can make me laugh with "Beetle Juice" and can make me cry with "Edward Scissorhands". I love his early short movies, which are so beautiful, dark, funny and a little insane. I adore that he makes them so emotional and alive. He will always be my best fairy-tales teller.

Charles Spencer Chaplin 
His movies are so full of love, kindness and sincerity. His Tramp can make you laugh or cry. This smile is the nicest and his talent is eternal. I can’t imagine the cinema world without him. My favourite his movies are "The Kid", "City Lights", "Modern Times", "The Great Dictator" and "Limelight". He will always be the most bright and optimistic person I've ever known.