Dear Emma Watson

When I saw new pictures of Emma Watson for ELLE (UK) magazine and read some fragments of her newest interview, I had no doubts to whom I should write my next open letter.

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Dear Emma Watson,

You are truly inspiration for me, not just because of your acting talent, but also of all things you are doing and saying. I'm sure you've heard plenty times about how great you played in every movie about the boy who lived, but I want to remind you - you really did an incredible job creating your character. I hope you don't regret about your 'lost childhood', because there are so many people out there (I'm one of them) who are very thankful for you being a part of the magical world. It had to be very hard to say goodbye to that story, but it is a perfect time for everyone to move on, rest a bit and make something different.

With acting for a half of your life, I am glad you didn't get bored of it and there are a couple of new movies with you, which I would like to watch. People will be comparing every your new role to the brightest witch of our age for a long time, so be patient. Maybe after ten new movies they will stop doing it, but I doubt.

There are some rumors that Hollywood promises many things and actors sell their talent for money and start making meaningless products, so please, don't leave British cinematography. It needs you.

I'm glad you aren't trying to be like other young actresses, who are loosing themselves once they've become famous. I can't even imagine how hard it is to live under flashes of photocameras. Paparazzi are shameless and nobody can avoid them, but you manage to look with dignity. It isn't easy, but it is important. You are a good role model for many young girls, so everything you do matters.

I wish you to remain as friendly, funny and open-minded as you are now, never to stop acting and improving your skills. But also don't forget to live and enjoy life, because you know it is very short.

I hope someday I'll get a chance to meet you. Good luck with everything!

Sincerely, modern girl

P.S. Never do drugs. I mean it :)

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