"Happy Feet 2" (2011) - Will and Bill the Krill

Today I want to post something, which will cheer you up, if you need it. "Happy Feet 2" is the cutest animated film of 2011, but my favourite characters in it aren't the penguins. Two very talkative and ambitious representatives of krill made me laugh every time they appeared on the screen. Will and Bill had their own important journey, while all penguins were trying to get out of the ice trap.

They show us what it means to be true friends. You might think that one of them (which wants to be something more important than just a food for bigger sea inhabitants) is crazy, but I find him very brave and purposeful. He proved that even a small creature can make the life better for his relatives. He's an inspiring guy.

"What possible difference could one krill make?"

Those hilarious characters were voiced by two friends, whom you definitely know, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.

I would like to see at least a short film about adventures of Will and Bill the Krill, don't you?

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