Let's start #FilmAdvice!

I'm sure that many of you, film addicts, have a Twitter account, because it really helps to share and find any information about films, actors, premieres, new releases, trivia etc. And I'm sure that every one of you has at least once in a while some doubts about a film you are going to watch. Of course, you can check its IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, but it doesn't necessarily help. An opinion of a real human is always better.

So I figured out we should have a tag, which can help to choose the right film and also find more people, who share your passion for films.

How will it work?
It is incredibly simple. You write your film-related question and add this hashtag - #FilmAdvice.
What kind of questions?

For example,
"There are two film-disaster in my local cinema, Titanic and Battleship, which one has a better 3D?" or
"Is there anyone, who likes horrors and didn't like 'The Cabin in the Woods'?" or
"Which Quentin Tarantino/Woody Allen/Alfred Hitchcock etc film is better to start with?" or
"Is there any film with a villain, who is similar to Christopher Walken's Horseman from "Sleepy Hollow?" or
"There are "The Tourist" and "Salt" on TV at the same time. Which should I watch?"
"Which of the new Blu-ray comedy/horror/saga/drama/TV show releases is worth it?"

You can ask me, isn't it more simple just ask someone of your friends for this advice? Of course, it might be, but there are a very few people, who are constantly online, so you might have wait for a long time to get a response.

Read the rules to understand #FilmAdvice movement better.

#FilmAdvice has a few simple rules:

  • If someone helped you to choose the right film, you should help someone else too. 'Pay It Forward'. If you will ignore to help someone, don't be surprised, when your question will be ignored too.
  • There are no hosts or mentors. It depends just on your wish to give an advice and get an advice. If someone can answer your questions, he or she will. If nobody did it, don't be upset, try the next time, but don't post your question every 10 minutes.
  • This isn't a Fight Club, so you shouldn't keep silent about it. You better help spreading it by talking, posting, tweeting about #FilmAdvice.
  • Answer a question, only if it doesn't have a reply. Let's don't give hundreds of replies to the one person and leave behind the other.
  • It isn't about judging people's taste. If you see that someone asks about the film you dislike very much (you particularly hate it), you just continue passing by or try to be polite about it (sarcasm doesn't mean civility).
  • If you saw a film, which someone advised you to pick, and you didn't like it, please, don't blame that person. Next time ask more specific questions to make sure.
  • Don't ask questions, which Google can answer. "What is called the sport comedy directed by George Clooney?" Check it first; maybe, you can get a quick answer by yourself.
  • If you are supporting #FilmAdvice, check this hashtag, when you are on Twitter. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • REMEMBER: you get, you give.
I don't know, will it work or not, but let's give my idea a chance!

Who has any proposals for #FilmAdvice and wants to help me with this tiny project, leave a comment below this post or contact @ElenaStrBlogger!

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