Movie Talk on Sunday - British Films

I like MTOS, but I can't participate very often. The last one was about British films, so I thought I should answer the questions anyway (even four days later). But I started answering them, I understood that I'm not very familiar with true British cinema. I hope to catch up later. All questions were thought up by two hosts - @thommoj03 and @maxwellhubbard.

1. What is your all-time favourite British film?
"The Duchess", because it has Keira Knightley, who is always great in historical dramas; is based on the interesting life of a real person; is very dramatic, visually stunning, and its score is great.

2. Who do you consider the best British director?
Charlie Chaplin is my favourite. I watched every film (!) made by him or where he stared. If I had to choose alive directors, I'd say Tom Hooper (yes, I enjoyed "The King's Speech" very much); Richard Ayoade ("Submarine" is one of the best films I've seen in 2011) and Joe Wright (because of "Atonement" and his "Pride and Prejudice" adaptation).

3. Who is the best British actor/actress alive today?
I can't name the only one actor and just the only one actress. James McAvoy, Ralph Fiennes, Ian McKellen, Rhys Ifans, Alan Rickman, John Hurt, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy, Jude Law, Christian Bale are good and great: on the other hand there are Helena Bonham Carter, Keira Knightley, Maggie Smith, Emma Thompson, Julie Andrews, Kristin Scott Thomas, Kate Winslet. If I forgot someone I hope they won't be offended.

4. What characteristics define 'the best of British'?
Intelligence, originality, wise budget use, talented actors.

5. What genre does British cinema do best? (give examples)
I'm a big fan of period dramas (see films mentioned in this post before).

6. What makes British films different from mainstream Hollywood movies?
Everything. Mainstream Hollywood movies are all the same (meaningless comedies with stupid jokes or action flicks with lots of invisible 3D). What I like about British films is that they aren't becoming mainstream, though David Cameron thinks they should (don't listen to him). Also it is great that British filmmakers don't forget their history and continue adapting classics.

7. Do you think British films are better than those from America?
Definitely. Because British directors are trying to make something new, and not to remake something old.

8. If you could get a cinema re-release for one British film what would it be?
My childhood dream is to watch two first Harry Potter films on the big screen.

9. 2011 was a great year for film. Which British film was the best of the bunch last year?
"Submarine" by Richard Ayoade.

10. Finally, which British film will wow audiences this year?
I'm waiting for "The Woman in Black", "Skyfall", and "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is also partly British.

If you know some great British films, please write them in comments below so I could watch them! Thank you.

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