Top-30 HOME ALONE moments

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a great time now, because I'm. The first blog entry of 2012 I want to write about a few good films, which you know and probably have seen many times. There are no winter holidays for me without "Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2". When I was watching the first part a few days ago, I thought I should write about its best moments. So here is the list!

1. Ruined family dinner
We know it's all Buzz's vault, but we know also that no one should mess with Kevin. Especially it's a bad choice to eat his favourite pizza when he is very hungry.

2. Some Ice-cream and a detective
He knows how to spend his parents-free time. And it's the first time we see a fictional gangster film "Angels with Filthy Souls". That killing scene helped Kevin a few times to scare away some strangers.

3. Mama screaming, part 1
Catherine O'Hara was great playing Kevin's mom, but I just can't stop laughing when she screams every time she realizes that her son is missing.

4. Everybody's home!
We know that the main character is a smart kid, but it was genius to put all those fake people in his living room to scare away 'wet bandits.'

5. Dangerous to be a pizza guy
That poor guy didn't do anything wrong, but Kevin likes to play nasty jokes. I hope the first one didn't have to go to the psychiatrist after that evening...

6. Goodnight kiss
It's the first time Kevin realizes how it feels to be on holidays without his family. Even if they aren't the best, but they are his relatives and he misses them. Very much.

7. Singing "White Christmas"
It's one of the most favourite and nicest scenes in "Home Alone". Macaulay Culkin was very good in portraying the classic song by The Drifters. And its ending is priceless.

8. Polka king
John Candy saves the day! But the greeting speech about his musical achievements sounds very funny.

9. Don't believe in gossips
If a person isn't like everybody else, it doesn't mean that this person is some freak or murderer. This grandfather with horrible appearance turned out to be a very kind man, who was very lonely without his family. Just like Kevin was.

10. Battle plan
I always admired how Kevin prepares his house for an unforgettable evening with bandits. He is ready to kick some asses.

11. Chicken much?
"Why the hell did you take your shoes off?" asks Harry.
"Why the hell are you dressed like a chicken?" asks Marv.
They are really dumb, if they thought they can kill this kid. Very self-confident.

12. Who is the best creature?
When I was little, I was so glad that there was a huge spider, because it saves Kevin's life. Though I hate spiders very much, but this one will always be the hero.

13. Happy family reunion, part 1
Mom arrives, dad arrives along with all brothers and sisters. It should be the best Christmas ever, but they don't know that Kevin messed up a little again.

14. How to ruin a big concert
Buzz is an idiot. He messes up with Kevin and makes himself a victim again. By the way, Macaulay Culkin sang very good indeed.

15. Never let you go
If parents are a bit irresponsible, it's time for kid to take care of himself and don't be forgotten at home again. But it didn't work out as they thought, did it?

16. New York, New York
I've never understood why the McCallisters chose Florida over New York to spend their Christmas vacation. And Kevin doesn't waste a minute, sightseeing and taking pictures.

17. Mama screaming, part 2
Yeah, it becomes a family tradition to lose Kevin somewhere and go for a vacation without him. Catherine O'Hara screams harder and even faints this time.

18. Freedom smells
Who knew that freedom smells like fish?

19. Hotel suite for a kid
The main character has his dad's money, so it would have been stupid to live on the street. But Kevin must have a good nerve to book himself the best apartments in The Plaza, which is one of the greatest USA hotels. And he met Donald Trump there!

20. How to tip
No cash, just one gum. I like the face of the hotel worker when he refuses to take another tip from Kevin and later realises that the boy wanted to give him some actual money.

21. Toys' paradise
I'd like to visit such place as Duncan's toy chest.

22. Fake Christmas detective
It is the second fake gangster film, a sequel of "Angels with Filthy Souls". There are a violent murder, and laugh, and the best Happy New Year wish I've ever heard.

23. A picture to remember
Sticky bandits are very photogenic, aren't they?

24. Falling bricks
That must hurt so hard, but Marv is a tough guy.

25. Electric shower
One bandit slips, falls into a shelf full of heavy paint cans, then he gets up and sees a washbasin. He is so happy to have a chance to wash his face and hands, but there is a trick. I always wondered if it is possible to survive all those bricks, toasting, falling, but surely no one could survive his genius trap. Marv is a very tough guy.

26. One, two, three and four
Harry is the smartest of those two, but he always underestimates Kevin. Two cans are nothing when there is a huge pipe coming after. Twice.

27. Birds' snack
That woman saves Kevin's life and two bandits becoming a dinner for doves.

28. Biggest Christmas tree
It is great when the mother knows what her child would do and where he could be on the Christmas Eve.

29. Happy family reunion, part 2
It's a very touching moment with Christmas presents and snowy morning until they see a hotel bill. Oops! Kevin is in trouble again.

30. Two doves
It's nice to have a good friend, especially when he is the only friend. I admire how Kevin manages to make friends with people, who are outsiders. He is just being very sincere and open-hearted. This boy has the biggest heart.

I hope you enjoyed my top-30 moments, if I forgot some good scenes, which you like very much, leave a comment below.

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