"Django Unchained" (2012) - Two Trailers

I must confess that I'm a huge Quentin Tarantino's fan, but I watched the first trailer for his new spaghetti western "Django Unchained" just a few days ago. If you are interested why, I say I needed to prepare myself for it. I wasn't afraid of it might disappoint me, because Tarantino hasn't made any film yet, which I don't like. I just wanted to prolong this waiting of the first trailer. And while I waited, they released another one! So here we go.

You know that with such great cast "Django Unchained" has no other option as to be something like a new masterpiece. My two all-time favourite actors Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio were perfect for those parts.

So far the scene, where Dr. King Schultz meets Django, is one of my favourites! And I can't wait to see more of Samuel L. Jackson, because those few seconds weren't enough!

I heard that Will Smith had a chance to play the main character, but he turned down this part, because of "Men in Black 3". Shame, this film could have been more epic with him. But Jamie Foxx is a good choice for this part instead.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

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