One Weird Clip: A Band Of Buriers - "Filth"

I like short films, but I haven't seen such a weird one for a long time. I found it accidentally and decided to watch because of Matthew Lewis (if you don't know, he portrayed Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films).

This 6 minutes long story made me feel sad, petrified, a bit crazy and sympathetic. Many people won't understand it, but I think this video is about that kind of love, which makes us do horrible things for the person you love. Lily Loveless played a girl, who is traumatized, because she lost someone, who she loved very much. She can't overcome this loss, and her boyfriend can't deal with her obsession. Where this got them, you will find out in the end...

The video is directed by Blake Claridge. I would like to see more of his works.

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