Happy Birthday, Tim Burton!

Today is Tim Burton's Birthday! He is 53 now and he still is one of my favorite directors.

Tim is a director, who likes to tell us creepy and magical stories. His fantasy is infinite and I can forgive him his last Disney 3D project called "Alice in Wonderland", which I liked the least of all. Tim can scare me with his "Sleepy Hollow", can make me laugh with "Beetle Juice" and can make me cry with "Edward Scissorhands". I love his early short movies, which are so beautiful, dark, funny and a little insane. I adore that he makes them so emotional and alive. He will always be my best fairy-tales teller.

I am glad that he has such a great family, especially wonderful wife. He could never find someone who has a greater talent in making crazy and impressive characters than actress Helena Bonham Carter. When she is acting a role in Tim's movie, they create together something magnificent.

Now Tim is working on the gothic horror "Dark Shadows" (starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter) and on the full-length "Frankenweenie", based on his early short movie.

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