Dear Whitney Houston

I just discovered that one of the greatest singers of our time isn't with us anymore. I can't read why she passed away, because it really hit me hard. And the only thing I can do, when I grieve, is write.

Dear Whitney Houston,

I never knew you as a person and now I never will. But still I'm sitting here, miles away from your home, and thinking about what a talented musician and actress you were. Yes, I always appreciate you as an actress - "The Bodyguard" was my favourite film since I was much younger. I always cry in the end, but now I'll also cry at the beginning.

Your voice was an incredible gift, and all your fans around the world are very happy that you became a singer. I tried to sing your famous "I will always love you", as many of us did, many times and I'm glad no one listened. Nobody can make this song so magical and powerful as you did. And I want to thank you for this.

I hope you were happy and had a good life, despite all problems and troubles, which are present on everyone's way.

I wish I wrote this open letter earlier, when there was a tiny chance for you to find it somewhere on the Internet. Now I can hope you are in Heaven, because you sang "Jesus Loves Me" so beautifully.

The scene goes dark, the limelight flashes and is gone. But you will continue to live in our hearts.

I will always love you.

Picture - Star Pulse

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