Why I'm interested in "Lovelace" (2012)

One very risky film hit the theatres in 1972. It was directed by Gerard Damiano, and called "Deep Throat". This film started a revolution in the cinematography. It gained many fans and haters, who did what they could to destroy lives of actors, director and producers. Many puritan politics were pissed off by this "masterpiece". Yes, it was a pornographic flick, but it also was something more, something new and crazy. It was a different kind of art.

Linda Lovelace portrayed the main character. She was just a woman with her big dream, she wanted to love and be loved. There is nothing criminal in it. Linda showed her body to the whole world, but we will never know the truth behind her risky fame and short-termed success. Later she became an activist of the anti-pornography movement, but no one can tell why she wanted to forget her past.

"Lovelace" is a biopic about her. Amanda Seyfried plays Linda and, due to the set pictures and stills, she really resembles this porn star. I hope this film will make clear all dark spots in her biography, showing not only consequences, but also the reasons why she changed so much before that fatal accident. Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman are in charge of this story, which is very promising, because they've made before a few unusual and provocative films together.

If you are going to watch "Lovelace", please watch at least a documentary "Inside Deep Throat". You will be shocked of the stories, which the creators of that porn film tell. It is unbelievable how many secrets they kept, how hard it was to screen this film and how little money they made, despite "Deep Throat" profit was very high.


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