"Struck By Lightning" (2012) - First Trailer

"You can inspire others to write while writing yourself."

Before today I have never heard about Chris Colfer (I don't watch "Glee"), but it turns out he is a talented young man and his new film is going to be interesting. He wrote the script himself and he is producing it.

"Struck By Lightning" looks like an ordinary high school story, but it isn't. One guy wants to make a newspaper and to achieve this goal he needs a good team. But the problem is everyone is extremely lazy and indifferent in his school. Plus everybody hates him, because of his workaholism and exactingness.

The trailer is smart and funny, so I hope the film will be as unusual and engaging.

Directed by Brian Dannelly, who has worked on different TV series, "Pushing Daisies", "Weeds", "United States of Tara".

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