"Dark Shadows" (2012) - TV Spot №3

"What is your age?"
"Fifteen and no husband? You must put those birthing hips to good use at once."

New 1-minute promo for Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" is even more hilarious than the trailer. Johnny Depp did a great job this time, and I have no doubts that the film will prove it soon. If you still don't know what about this story is, it takes place in 1972, when a vampire wakes up from his long sleep. He returns to his manor and meets new people, who aren't very excited about such a creepy cohabitant. His name is Barnabas Collins, and he wants to return the days of glory for his family.

There is more of Michelle Pfeiffer this time. Her Elizabeth Collins Stoddard will have some problems with her eccentric ancestor, but at least she won't be bored with him.

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Here are a few favourite screen-caps from this TV spot:


  1. You spell excited with a "c" LOL.....

    1. Ha, I really missed out that letter. Thanks for reading my entry :)