"The Hobbit": Video Blog #6 from the Set

Peter Jackson is so good at making me more exited to watch these two films. He shows us something about them, but keeps quiet about even more things.

"The Hobbit" team is still on locations somewhere in New Zealand. I bet the people, who was the part of "The Lord of The Rings", have sentimental flashbacks constantly. Thanks to this video we have more time to discover what kind of people the new actors, who play the dwarves, are. I think they are getting along great.

You can see again how much effort everyone puts in this duology. They are trying to film the most beautiful views of New Zealand, which isn't as easy as it sounds. Many views are filmed especially for 3D from the helicopters, and they will look magnificent on the big screen with Howard Shore's music.

Andy Serkis must have been a huge help for Peter Jackson all this time, because he is a 2nd unit director and always works so hard. But when he called the director 'PJ', I started laughing very hard. What a great friends they have become!

"- How can it be 133 days for three films and 127 days for two films?
- It can be easily explained. We all are 10 years older, so we're going a little slower."

And Ian McKellen told us that we shouldn't be worried about actors, because they have great conditions there (the food looks delicious).

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