AFI Awards 2011

The American film institute announced the list of best films and TV series of this year.

Have you seen them all? I haven't. Some of them are very overrated (I wasn't impressed by Bennett Miller's "Moneyball" at all). But I hope that some are going to be great (Spielberg's "War Horse" and Fincher's "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo").

Top-10 films of 2011:

"BRIDESMAIDS" ("Девичник в Вегасе")
"THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO" ("Девушка с татуировкой дракона")
"THE HELP" ("Прислуга")
"HUGO" ("Хранитель времени")
"J. EDGAR" ("Дж. Эдгар")
"MIDNIGHT IN PARIS" ("Полночь в Париже")
"MONEYBALL" ("Человек, который изменил всё")
"THE TREE OF LIFE" ("Древо жизни")
"WAR HORSE" ("Боевой конь")

"THE ARTIST" and the entire "HARRY POTTER" film series (!) got special awards.

Now we can think about which of these films are going to get a golden statuette in a few months.

If you are curious about which TV programs are called the best, you can view the list here.

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