"YOUNG ADULT" (2011) - Two favourite clips

There are many clips from upcoming drama "Young Adult" and if you want to watch all of them, you can find these videos on its official Youtube channel. I chose just two of them, which I like the most and which show us that there will be lots of drama, a bit of sarcasm and desperation.

When I saw "Young Adult" poster, I thought it's going to be a comedy about a woman who doesn't want to grow up. But Jason Reitman, the director, and Diablo Cody, the writer, who worked together on "Juno", tell us a more complicated story of an ordinary young woman, whose heart needs healing. Her name is Mavis Gary; she is a novelist, recently-divorced and decides to come to her home town. There she meets her school boyfriend and tries to reconnect with him, though he is married and has a baby. Charlize Theron looks very depressed, but still pretty and there are some rumours that she has a good chance to get an Oscar nomination for this appearance. We'll see about this. Also the film stars Patton Oswalt, Elizabeth Reaser, Patrick Wilson.

Release date - December 9, 2011.

Looking for a Dress


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