"MEN IN BLACK 3" - Official Trailer

"What other secrets are there?"

Legendary agents J and K are back! Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are wearing their black suits again! I'm glad that Barry Sonnenfeld hasn't left this project, because his presence promises us an unforgettable intergalactic adventure.

Agent J travels back in time to save K and the universe. So this story is going to be tense, eventful and also funny (did you see that green graffiti which can speak and the moment when J portrays K's smile?). Josh Brolin portrays young agent K and Emma Thompson's character tells us some sad news.

"MEN IN BLACK 3" will be out in May 2012. Mark your calendar!

Meet all main characters:

Will Smith as Agent J

Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K

Emma Thompson as Agent Oh

Josh Brolin as young Agent K

I am very exited about this film! Are you? Leave a comment!

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