"War Horse" (2011) - Second trailer

I've seen this new video yesterday, in the theater, before watching "Real Steel". It looked impressive on the big screen as every Steven Spielberg's film should. This video wasn't very different from the previous one, but I was touched again by its beautiful and dramatic music by the great composer John Williams.

This story has to be inspirational, touching and tragic. While watching second trailer I was wondering who will survive this war and who will be lost in the end. I can't be sure, but it looks like the boy or his magnificent horse should meet there their death and it will be a heartbreaking moment.

And don't forget it has a brilliant cast. The main parts are played by Jeremy Irvine (Albert), Emily Watson (Albert’s mum), Peter Mullan (Albert’s dad), Niels Arestrup (grandfather), David Thewlis (Lyons), Tom Hiddleston (Captain Nichols) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Major Stewart).

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Trailer #2

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