Why "Real Steel" should be a box office hit?

If you think it matters only for those people, who made "Real Steel" or involved into screening it, you are wrong. It is very important for us, the audience, because it will influence other upcoming movies of the same genre.

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Some reasons why "Real Steel" shouldn't fail

1. Nowadays every movie with special effects is being converted into 3D. I was very happy that "Real Steel" was screened in my favorite normal 2D format. But if it doesn't earn enough money, greedy studios will probably be disappointed and will convert everything in their precious 3D.

2. This story takes place in the near future, where people stopped beating up to death other people to get some money and a shiny belt. It's robots' work and they do it in the more impressive and harmless (for humans, of course) way. Maybe, someone will bring this idea to life... Keep dreaming, yeah?

3. It will inspire Shawn Levy to make such good movies.

4. Hugh Jackman can buy himself a new car, because it's his birthday today. Dakota Goyo can buy his first car, which he really deserved.

5. And if "Transformers 3" became one of the most successful movies of this year and of a decade, "Real Steel" isn't worse. In fact, i liked it more, because there was not just action and special effects, this movie had an interesting father/son story. In addition, the final fight was great, it made me feel like I was watching a real wrestling.

I wish "Real Steel" to remain on the top and don't lose its box office fight.

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