"Real Steel" (2011) - Posters and some thoughts

I'm very exited to see this movie, directed by Shawn Levy. It is mostly because of Hugh Jackman and that robot, which looks like the son of Sunny ("I, Robot") and Bumblebee ("Transformers") and has very beautiful blue eyes. I have no idea why some animated characters look unbelievably realistic, but I respect and admire every person, who is involved in creating them.

Movie's tagline says "Courage is stronger than steel." I like it. It inspires. It is about incredible strength of human spirit, which any machine can't have.

And one more thing why I love action movies, especially where robots are involved. It's soundtrack. I fell in love with that music, which is playing on "Real Steel" official website, and when I saw the list of songs on iTunes I was surprised in a good way.

More about "REAL STEEL" (2011)!

Official movie website.
Facebook page.

Three official posters from ComingSoon.net.

I've found these character wallpapers also on official website, so visit it if you want to get them in different resolution.

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