"Dark Shadows" (2012) - Personal quiz

It is left a few days till the premiere of Tim Burton's comic-and-tragic vampire love story, "Dark Shadows". Tired of waiting and re-watching trailers, I took a little character quiz, which showed that I'm more like the main character, Barnabas Collins:

"You're a creature of the night. Like Barnabas Collins, you prefer the coziness of shadows to the harsh glare of the sun, though you are a bit claustrophobic. You value family above all else. You're charming; a classic throwback in a modern world. But be careful who you flirt with – jealous witches are your Achilles heel."

Obviously, it doesn't describe me exactly, but maybe there is something true about it. Anyway, this quiz is a lot of fun.

Visit the official film site to discover which character you are. And don't forget to tell me your results in comments below.

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  1. It's the first time I can't wait for a Tim Burton movie. I hope it turns out as amusing as it seems!

    1. I hope you won't be disappointed.
      I'm sure this film will be great.