"Prometheus" (2012) - World premiere in London

I watched the live streaming of the "Prometheus" world premiere, which took place in London this evening. The film's crew looked amazing, all of them were so friendly and gorgeous while they walked on the blue carpet. So here is my full coverage of this event.

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“I think a certain someone named Ridley Scott has something to do with this.” Charlize Theron on why people are looking forward to see this film
“She is complicated as every one of us.” About Meredith Vickers
“I think the sniper will take me out if I say something about the ending.”

“The ideas behind it are exciting and big. People just interested to see what Ridley Scott was thinking about for the last 30 years.” Guy Pearce about the film
“The question is “Where do we come from?” On what question the characters are trying to find an answer

“It was his dream.” Michael Ellenberg (producer) on what persuaded Ridley Scott to return

“I enjoyed doing it. I hate it when it ends. It is like creating a new universe, and I become very attached to everything in it.” Ridley Scott on making this film
“I’m starting another movie in 10 weeks.” He is ready to do something new
“I saw "The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo", the original, and I thought she is amazing.” On casting Noomi Rapace
“He is a wonderful actor, also a great comedian.” On working with Michael Fassbender

“David is kinda like a housekeeper. But he is very complicated. There may be some human personality underneath.” Michael Fassbender on his character
“In my living room, where I usually read scripts. And playing with house supplies, microwave, toaster.” On how he was preparing playing a robot
“Not that much. Robots don’t run. Noomi did it the most time.” On did he do lots of running for the film

“Chuck Ho as I call him. Together it’s a great combination.” Logan Marshall-Green on his character and Elizabeth Shaw
“We had our weekly conversation about words differences.” On having an international cast
“They build incredible sets to the tiny details. And they shoot the lights out and we had a chance to discover all of it with our flash lights.” On filming on detailed sets
“Tingly. I hope tingly.” What reaction he had when he saw the film, and what reaction he expects from the audience

“She’s an archaeologist, scientist, but she also believes in God. I like the contradiction it creates. She is very Ridley Scott heroine. She is very iconic for me. I loved playing her.” Noomi Rapace on Elizabeth Shaw

“We were out of limit.” Arthur Max, the production designer, about the working environment
“Combination of the known and unknown.” On what is special about this film

“He is amazing to work with. He’s so talented, wonderful with actors.” Kate Dickie (Ford) on Ridley Scott

“I thought it would be cool to name the movie something unpronounceable and pretentious.” Damon Lindelof, the screenwriter, on the title
“I did everything I could to not be fired.” On what to expect
“It looks, it tastes like Ridley Scott.” About what is special about this film

“Tacky. Lots of buttons and switches. It’s ever tacky geek’s dream.” Emun Elliott about the set, where his co-pilot worked
“The word is ‘epic!’. ” How he describes this film

“He’s a little bit out there, to be honest.” Sean Harris about his character
“Frightened.” How he feels about watching the film for the first time, because he joked, he might not make the final cut

“He’s good with landings.” Benedict Wong about his character
“It’s like Sting or Prince.” Why he didn't invent the first name for Ravel

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