Favorite Movies with Natalie Portman

When Natalie won this year's Oscar I so incredible happy for her and proud that talented Hollywood actress isn't a myth today. Everybody knows she started her movie career in a very young age. Her first big movie was "Leon" (also known as "The Professional"), captured in 1994. Natalie was just 13 years old, but she created such strong and dramatic character Mathilda. This girl impressed me more than talented Jean Reno or Gary Oldman. Mathilda said: "Bonnie and Clyde didn't work alone. Thelma and Louise didn't work alone. And they were the best." and I'll never forget those words.

"Leon" (1994) 

Later in the 90s Natalie played a daughter of the President in Burton's alien movie "Mars Attacks!". In the new century she got a role in epic story "Star Wars", where she played Padmé Amidala. She looked so natural in all that futuristic costumes and with such high title - Natalie became a real princess of the future and I don't agree with her Golden Raspberry Award's nominations. All those movies made her incredible popular and she started to play mostly leading roles.

"Mars Attacks!" (1996) 

"Star Wars" (1999, 2002, 2005) 

Miss Portman impressed me again with her brave revolutionary Evey Hammond in "V for Vendetta" - this antiutopia is one of my all time favorite movies. Then she was seduced to play in historical drama "The Other Boleyn Girl" as beautiful victim of royal intrigues Anne Boleyn. And I discovered that this actress can be anyone if she wants. In 2010 Natalie finally proved everyone she is one of the most talented actresses of our time - "Black Swan" shocked me and amazed me so hard. Her Nina Sayers is a ballerina, who tries to become the perfect dancer, but her unreasonable demands plays with her dangerous tricks.

"V for Vendetta" (2005) 

"The Other Boleyn Girl" (2008)

"Black Swan" (2010) 

In the near future I'm going to watch "Hesher", "Brothers", "Goya's Ghosts" and "Closer". I'm sure Natalie created in those movies not less strong characters. Also I hope after she becomes a mother she won't forget to star in movies.

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