Festival de Cannes 2011 - Day 6

The beginning of the new Festival's week was very exiting, because today was presented a movie "The Tree of Life" directed by Terrence Malick, starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain. There was a photocall with Brad and Jessica, press conference with Brad, Jessica and producers. Sean Penn showed up just for premiere and the biggest disappointment for me was no Terrence Malick at all. Journalists were interested to in this mystery and the producer Bill Pohlad answered: "He doesn't want to discuss his film. He wants the public to see it as a poem, for everyone to interpret as they see fit." . Brad Pitt said about the film: "It would take many days to explain the film's creative process. The screenplay was wonderfully written, very intense, but Terrence Malik didn't want to follow it slavishly. He likes to capture the truth between the lines. That's why this film feels so fresh. On top of that, it was almost entirely shot in natural daylight." and "This film is universal, Terrence Malick wants to speak to all cultures." During all presentations Brad looked very nice together with actress Jessica, but the minute his love Angelina arrived to the premiere - he was running to her. I think they are a gorgeous couple.

Another today's presented movie was "L'Apollonide : souvenirs de la maison close" ("House of Tolerance"). Director Bertrand Bonello with director of photography Josée Deshaies and actresses Hafsia Herzi, Jasmine Trinca, Alice Barnolé and Noémie Lvovsky talked about choosing the 12 actresses, the lighting in the film and the actresses’ nudity.

Movie "The Look" directed by Angelina Maccarone is presented at Cannes Classics. She dedicated this movie to charming actress Charlotte Rampling, who is playing the main part in it. At the press conference Maccarone said: "Chosen as an "object of desire" in many of her films, Charlotte has, on each occasion, turned her character into the subject".

"The Tree of Life" photocall - Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, Bill Pohland, Dede Gardner, Grant Hill

"The Tree Of Life" press conference -  Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain

"The Tree Of Life" premiere - Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Jessica Chastain, Angelina Jolie

"House of Tolerance" photocall - Iliana Zabeth, Bertrand Bonello, Noemie Lvovsky and Celine Sallette

"The Look" photocall - Charlotte Rampling, Peter Lindbergh and director Angelina Maccarone

More interesting photos you can get here - http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/ and http://www.panarmenian.net/photo/

It's over a half of the Cannes Film Festival and the end is coming. I hope the jury will choose the best movies to award.

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