Festival de Cannes 2011 - Lars Von Trier's joke

I've already written about this year's hottest press conference at Cannes, dedicated to the movie "Melancholia". Yesterday's statements by Lars von Trier shocked everybody, but he apologized in the evening. Still the one impression is when I've read all his quotes, and the other is when I saw this video. I knew he messed up, you know how creative people like to intrigue and shock their audience. Lars von Trier made the press conference crazy in one minute. I think he's got a big talent to make little scandals. The most important thing is how he said it and how poor Kirsten Dunst tried to calm him. I can imagine what she felt that moment when Lars von Trier mentioned the words "Nazi" and "Hitler".

In general, now we know that this director can easily be lost in his minds and has a very uncommon sense of humor.

And now Lars von Trier isn't more welcome at the Cannes Film Festival, but his movie is still 'In Competition'.

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