Festival de Cannes 2011 - Day 5

The most interesting movie of the fifth day of the Cannes Festival for me is "The Artist" by French director Michel Hazanavicius. Why is it so? Because this is a silent back and white story about a movie star, whose career drops with coming of the sound era. The characters are speaking here with title cards, which turn us to the 20s. So the cast came to Canes to support their movie with photocall, press conference and premiere. Producer Thomas Langmann said about the purpose of "The Artist": "We live in a time when people are crazy about 3-D films, people are crazy about technical innovation. Everything seems to be focused on images, and suddenly someone wanted to tell a very odd tale using this format that is a silent movie in black and white." I would be incredible happy if I will have chance to see silent movie in the cinema, because I'm a big fan of old good cinematography - I've watched every Charlie Chaplin's work. But really in our technology era we have just tiny chance to watch it worldwide. But it is promised to be a very romantic story. I hope this movie has a least a piece of magic and charm inside which "City Lights" and "Modern Times" have.

The Dardenne brothers also came to the Festival to take part in competition for the fifth time with "Le Gamin au vélo" ("The Kid with the Bike"). They did the usual presentation program together with actors Cécile De France, the young Thomas Doret and producer Denis Freyd. This movie is about a boy who wants find the father who left him temporarily in a children's home.

After such inspirational movies I was shocked to discover that today's another competitor is a hard drama "Michael" by the filmmaker Markus Schleinzer. The crew of the movie answered a lot of questions about their screen story, which is showing the relationship between a pedophile and his young victim.

And actress Faye Dunaway received the French “Officer in the Order of Arts and Letters” medal. The French Culture Minister Frédéric Mitterrand said: "It makes me particularly happy to pay tribute to an actress such as Faye Dunaway who has known how to combine glamour with vulnerability, and chicness with the ability to shock... an actress who has appeared in films alongside some of the greatest actors: Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford and even Johnny Depp, who you view as a prince".

"The Artist" photocall - Michel Hazanavicius, Berenice Bejo, Jean Dujardin

"The Kid With A Bike" photocall - Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Thomas Doret,  Cecile De France 

"Michael" photocall - Michael Fuith, Markus Schleinzer, David Rauchenberger, Christine Kain

 Faye Dunaway receives the French “Officer in the Order of Arts and Letters” medal

 Another day of the Festival is coming to an end, but still it's left many movies to be presented and many stars to answer interesting questions from tired happy-to-be-there journalists. I'm very exited to see Terrence Malick, Brad Pitt and Sean Penn with their "The Tree of Life".

And visit http://www.zimbio.com/ and http://www.festival-cannes.fr/en/festival/2011-05-15/theDailyNews.html for more information.

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