"Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times" (2011) - Official Trailer

"Journalism is alive and well and feisty especially in the New York Times".
I'm making a project for my university about a newspaper and, of course, I chose "The New York Times". It's one of the oldest and the most respectable newspapers in our time. Gathering information I found out that director Andrew Rossi captured a documentary about life in "NY Times". It is named "Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times", so I hope to see how journalists are working and to see it without any decorations - just truth. And official trailer promises us the same. Also Andrew Rossi is going to show us how they are working with new media and I find it important, because the world lives in Internet. But is the real work in "NY Times" as exiting and the one to dream about? Waiting to discover it.

Official Trailer:

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