"Cowboys and Aliens" (2011) - Western's similarity

I watched a trailer of "Cowboys and Aliens" a couple of times and I couldn't notice how many coincidences it has with animated movie "Rango" by Gore Verbinski. So I've made some screencaps, which are showing similar scenes. Are the directors a good friends or should western repeat itself?

More about the latest Jon Favreau's movie - http://elenastr.blogspot.com/2011/06/cowboys-aliens-2011-trailer.html

The Beginning

Freaked face 

Alien cowboy

The Girl

 Bad guys

 Riding the horses

Yes, Hollywood needs fresh ideas! But no doubt, "Cowboys and Aliens" will make a good profit.


  1. Very good! I guess Westerns just can't help but be similar to other genre flicks (I suppose the other possibility is that COWBOYS AND ALIENS is a secret remake of RANGO which, though hilarious, is probably not likely).

  2. Yes, I agree that all westerns should have something in common, but I hope that other upcoming ones will be very unlike these two movies.