"True Blood" (2008) - Opening Credits

To be honest, I love old style vampire movies and series, but after a huge popularity of one recent saga I thought  this beasts will never be interesting again. However, I'm desperately searching for something better. I like watching TV series, so I found another vampire story. It's called "True Blood" from HBO, staring Anna Paquin and actors I haven't heard about. The very first thing I liked in it is opening credits. They are stylish, a bit vintage and have some disgusting pictures, which I was very surprised to see, because it seemed like everyone has forgotten how vampires should be messy, brutal and act like heartless killing machines. And the soundtrack by Nathan Barr is also good.

I've watched just first episode and I'm not sure I'd like to see the whole season (this vampire series could use more true blood), but it's witty and not over-dramatic.

Opening credits season 1 (music - "Bad Things" by Jace Everett) -

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