"Water for Elephants" (2011) - My opinion

I've just watched a drama "Water for Elephants" by director Francis Lawrence. It's the first costume movie for him, but I think he did his job well. Visually it looks impressive, with all this retro decorations, beautiful performances in the circus and gorgeous costumes. This story is based on a book written by Sara Gruen. It takes place in USA, in the years of the Great Depression. I was glad to see actor Christoph Waltz playing a brutal villain, who can't control his rage towards people and circus animals. He looked like a real devil. But truly, his August is an unhappy man, who is afraid to loose it all. Also I came to conclusion that Robert Pattinson still can play good. His character is a brave veterinarian, a defender of hurt women, poor workers and miserable animals. Reese Witherspoon, who played a femme fatale, was very beautiful and sensitive. Together they made a romantic duet with a bit of tension. These roles really helped them to step out of their usual acting line. 

I find its plot interesting and dynamic. Love story, tragedies, feisty characters - it didn't bored me at all. But the final scenes disappointed me so much. This ending is good, but it takes more to make it as spectacular as all previous moments. Francis Lawrence failed it, even with his previous experience of making dramas. He made "Water for Elephants" overbrutal and his biggest mistake again was that I was going to cry when furious August was beating Rosy, instead of being emotional when Jacob and Marlena were escaping. Still the movie is good for one time. And my visual receptors are satisfied for today.

- 7/10 -   

Memorable quotes (there are more, but I've found just these):

August: "You do right by me, I'll show you a life most suckers can't even dream of."

August: "As long as we can walk, we play."

August: "Of course an innocent woman would love to get down on her knees."

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