"Gremlins" (1984) - Twitter review

I thought I should continue tweeting while watching a movie. If you want to know how I manage to do both at the same time, I can say I was learning how to do it for a couple of years. This evening I watched "Gremlins" (1984). If you haven't seen it, you should beware of spoilers.

  • It's directed by Joe Dante. As I know he was learning from the great Steven Spielberg.
  • I like this atmosphere. 80s was a wonderful decade. #Gremlins
  • There is something in a box, which makes strange noises and sings... #Gremlins?
  • Ok, there are 3 rules how to take care of that creature. Always that magical number 3...
  • Haha, 'never feed it after midnight'. Is it a gremlin or a blonde on diet?
  • I like that billboard made in Indiana Jones style.
  • It's a bit strange to watch a Christmas movie after sunny and warm day.
  • Kathleen Kennedy helped to make it. She produced a bunch of great movies after and she likes working with Spielberg.
  • Zach Galligan is so young here.
  • Belinda Balaski is great playing an unhappy angry woman [bitch].
  • Chris Columbus wrote its script. It was his second big movie as a screenwriter.
  • That gremlin is the nicest creature I've ever seen. I hope he won't kill anybody...
  • First lesson: not all inventions work properly. #Gremlins
  • Second lesson: you should never water a gremlin. #Gremlins
  • I have a strange feeling that I won't like them so much in the end. #Gremlins
  • With every minute the movie's becoming scarier and scarier.
  • Michael Winslow [who played Sgt. Larvell Jones in "Police Academy"] was voicing some of these #Gremlins.
  • And they ATTACK! It means never judge people/creatures by their appearance. #Gremlins
  • Third lesson: bad working inventions in the kitchen can save your life. Literally. #Gremlins
  • Hoyt Axton is good portraying weird inventor. Nice man. #Gremlins
  • Fourth lesson: drunk policemen are jerks. It's obvious, but still sometimes it can save your nerves and time.
  • Why does Spielberg like to make stories about alien things?
  • "Smokeless Ashtray can solve all your problems." I doubt it.
  • These guys know how to party! #Gremlins
  • And I like this cheery soundtrack.
  • "Now I have another reason to hate Christmas." #Gremlins #quotes
  • The final is something. Bloody, dramatic and funny. #Gremlins
  • Definitely, 10/10. Classic. 
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