"The Beaver" (2011) - Twitter review

As I like writing in Twitter as much as here, so I want to keep my coverage of "The Beaver" movie. I was tweeting about it while watching and it looks like a short reviews about what I like and dislike in that movie. So, probably, it's the weirdest review you've ever seen. Yes, I've put it in the right order.

About "The Beaver" (trailer, synopsis).

  • Finally, I have time to watch BEAVER. First 10 min were witty. I doubt this movie is boring.
  • If someone haven't seen it, they shouldn't read my tweets. Beware of spoilers :) #BEAVER
  • Mel Gibson's suicide attempt was funny and ... pathetic. #BEAVER
  • It looks that a person really needs help when starts talking to the puppet. #BEAVER
  • Anton Yelchin is not a bad actor. #BEAVER
  • I really like a screen duo Mel Gibson & Jodie Foster. Since their brilliant appearances in Maverick. #BEAVER
  • #BEAVER in a strange movie, but still it's inspirational.
  • But sex scenes along this puppet? Really? Definitely weird. And crazy. #BEAVER
  • If #BEAVER were a TT, it will be fun. But I have no time for this :)
  • After jokes and wittiness #BEAVER becomes more and more
  • "Carpe diem" ("Seize the day"). #BEAVER
  • I agree that drugs and shrinks can't save a person. #BEAVER
  • Now I'm scared of that puppet... #BEAVER
  • That graffiti is something! I wonder who did it... #BEAVER
  • It's all about art therapy. #BEAVER
  • And the prom speech was great. Very touching and truthful. #BEAVER
  • Jennifer Lawrence was good, better than in "X-Men: First Class". #BEAVER
  • How was Jodie Foster as a director? I can say she is more than just a talented actress. #BEAVER
  • Ok, my #BEAVER coverage is over. I hope someone read it and find
    it useful :) 
  • Oh, I almost forgot! It's 7/10. #BEAVER 

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