The closing ceremony is coming, but still we have a couple of movies to talk about. "KILLER JOE" was presented on September 8. It is directed by William Friedkin. Emile Hirsch plays a drug dealer Chris, who hires a hint man Joe to kill his mother and to get an insurance, which will free him from debts. But he is not the only one after this money and when Chris has been tricked, bloody Joe doesn't care who is going to die - he just wants to get his payment. Matthew McConaughey, who played that crazy killer with detective skills, hasn't come to the Venice, but there were spotted William Friedkin and Emile Hirsch, who both have a great sense of humor.

"TEXAS KILLING FIELDS" was one of the last movies presented in competition at this year's festival. This story is inspired by true events. Three detectives are solving a mystery about disappeared kids. The director is Ami Canaan Mann. Starring Sam Worthington, Jessica Chastain, Chloe Grace Moretz and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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William Friedkin and Emile Hirsch Presenting "Killer Joe"

"Killer Joe" Premiere - Emile Hirsch, William Friedkin

"Killer Joe" Photocall - Emile Hirsch

"Texas Killing Fields" Press Conference

"Texas Killing Fields" Premiere - Michael Mann (producer), Ami Canaan Mann (director)

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