Dear Lumière brothers

Inspired by many open letters I've read recently, I considered to write my own. But the catch is 'to whom?'

I can choose between all movie stars, directors, actors, composers, screenwriters, producers, I can even write a letter to my favorite movie or a fictional character. And I almost forgot movie studios. But as it is my very first open letter, I think it's essential that I write something to those people, who were responsible for the birth of the cinematography.

There are a few theories about who was first, but I used to think that the first filmmakers were Auguste and Louis Lumière, two brothers, who became incredibly famous thanks to one scary screen train arrival. I know they'd never read it, but it feels right to address this letter to them.

Dear Lumière brothers,

I live in the 21st century and people don't freak out anymore when they see a train on the screen or TV. Many things have changed, but every filmmaker still wants to impress their audience as much as you did more than a hundred (!) years ago. Yes, you were one of the first trendsetters of the cinema world and every one still tries to fit in those standards.

But everything else is so different these days. Probably, you've thought about the future of the cinematography and hoped that people can watch a new movie every day. You'll be very surprised, because even more than ten movies are being presented very week.

There is left no genre or topic, which hasn't been covered by filmmakers. When a new problem appears, it gets a few movies, which could be more than 120 minutes long. I've heard you wanted to create something more impressive than just a 2D moving picture, so you should be proud of all creative and smart guys, who invented high quality 3D technologies. But I want you to know that we appreciate movies not because of special effects; we like to watch new stories, which are not just visually impressive, but also intelligent, touching and dramatic within reasonable limits.

And in the end of my letter I want to thank you many times for what you've done. I can't imagine my life without that miracle, which you gave to us. Yes, cinematography is still a miracle. Some things don't change through ages.

Sincerely, a huge movie fan.

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