Favorite opening themes from TV shows. Part 2

Firstly, I thought it's impossible to find another five great songs, which became very famous because of being opening themes of the TV shows. But I was wrong.

Favorite opening themes from TV shows. Part 1

Massive Attack - "Teardrop"

I like this song, though I'm not a fan of Massive Attack. It's the voice of Elizabeth Fraser that makes it so beautiful, peaceful and calm. And it's a bit dramatic as every episode of "HOUSE M.D." is.

Barenaked Ladies - "History of Everything"

Nerdy TV show just couldn't have less nerdy opening song. And here it is! This song was written specifically for "The Big Bang Theory" and tells a history of our universe. How can I describe it in one word? Educational.

Full Blown Rose - "Somebody Help Me"

I was very disappointed when discovered that "TRU CALLING" was closed after 2 seasons. I watched it twice or maybe more times and it still remains interesting and impressive. This opening theme makes a perfect match with the main character played by Eliza Dushku.

Ryan Star - "Brand New Day"

I couldn't force myself to watch the 2nd season of "LIE TO ME", because it became very predictable. But I haven't forgotten this song. It's way better and didn't bore me unlike Dr. Cal Lightman.

Jace Everett - "Bad Things"

"TRUE BLOOD" is about three things - vampires, sex and violence, which are related. So I'm not surprised that its song is about them either.

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