Favorite opening themes from TV shows

I was thinking how much I love the music from different TV shows, so I've got this idea to choose my favorite main songs. I watched many TV shows (American) and series (British). Also I've seen Russian, but they aren't good. I can say there are at least 10, which I like/love and some of them were watched a couple of times by me. The song and the titles are the first things I remember from the story and then every time I hear it I start thinking about the show, some funny or dramatic moments, main characters etc. Ok, here is my first five.

Later I'll write specifically about my favorite TV shows.

* Love Spit Love - "How Soon Is Now"
Have you heard the words? It's all about being hero, who needs to be loved. Halliwell sisters were in love so many times, but only when they've found the right person (I mean three right men) they understood what happiness is. Powerful and romantic as CHARMED story itself.

* Gavin DeGraw - "I Don't Want To Be"
It's the official video and there is no ONE TREE HILL scenes, where you could heard it. The song is great and it's not a big surprise, because all songs from this TV show are picked carefully. When a couple of seasons were screening without opening titles, I missed it so much. But now we have plenty of it - there was a new cover of it before fast every new episode of the 8th season.

* The Rembrandts - "I'll Be There For You"
FRIENDS. This song is as witty, a bit crazy, childish, but it's all about being together always, as those six friends were.

* Nerf Herder - "Main theme" from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER
It rocks! It's more about the dark side of everyone. When I listen to it I always think of a vampire named Spike. Yes, this tune channels his character.

* Darling Violetta - "The Sanctuary"
ANGEL always goes along with Buffy, but his main theme is different. It's more romantic, tragic, but there is also lots of power and beauty. A song about the cursed vampire with a soul, whose destiny is to save innocent people and to live without the greatest pleasure. Do you hear a woman whispering in the beginning? It gives me chills.

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