"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" - New York premiere (quotes, photos)

I can say New York premiere was less epic than British, but still I was very happy to see all these talented people, who created an amazing world. Here is my live coverage of what everybody said at this "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" premiere. 

“- I’m not a huge fan of 3D, but it can be made beautiful.” David Yates, director
“- When Hermione punches Draco is a great scene.” David on one of the favorite scenes
“- I’d love to be Lupin.”  David Yates on who he wanted to play in ‘Harry Potter’

“- I’m gonna miss everyone.” Rupert Grint
“- I really don’t know what I supposed to do.” Rupert on what he will do after this tour

“- You want pop corn?” David Heyman with his son
“- But the sadness hasn’t hit yet. It will come in a few weeks.”
“- We all are really standing on the shoulders of Chris Columbus.”

“- I saw actually a girl with a tattoo of my autograph. I felt bad about.” Tom Felton

“- [Embarrassing moment] I was pointing at the HP poster, showing my friend that I am next to Emma and someone asked me if I am Matthew Lewis. It was a very narcissistic moment.” Matthew Lewis

“- She [JK Rowling] is writing. It would be brilliant. But I know no more about it.” Steve Kloves, screenwriter

“- Here in America you really response to the film.” David Barron on British restraint

Chris Columbus, the director, who is responsible for the beginning of 'Harry Potter' series, also came!

“- That supposed to happened. It has to finish.” Alan Rickman
“- It’s about the things like courage and determination and loyalty and love.” Alan on the last film
“- I had a good time when I shot the first scene.” Alan Rickman about which scene he likes the most
“- Somebody is very clever and it’s very beautifully done. I hope they’ll become rich. Warner Bros should give them credit for that.”  Alan Rickman on HP puppets

“- It’s been intense… It’s definitely sad.” Emma Watson
“- I’ll go and have a really big brunch.” Emma Watson on what she is going to do next

“- You have to have a heart of stone not to find Alan Rickman's performance just heartbreaking.” Daniel Radcliffe

Source - Zimbio

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