Favorite movie websites - part 2

Here is another five websites, where you can always find interesting information about movies.

Favorite movie websites - part 1

This website is very interesting to me, because it often gets an exclusive stuff of the upcoming movies. YAHOO! Movies are fast always the first to release new images from potential blockbusters.
    Reviews, articles about independent cinematography, interviews with actors and directors, coverage of the festivals - all this I can find visiting just one website. It was a big help for me, when I was searching for some information about this year's Cannes Film Festival. My favorite feature of the Guardian Film is "Clip joint" - a reader is choosing one simple topic and illustrates it with five interesting moments from movies.

    It's fully dedicated to the movie posters. Official or fan-made, British or Brazilian - a really big collection to every movie ever made (from 1910s to nowadays).

    It's not movie related, but it's celebrity related and actors are celebrities. Just Jared provides paparazzi photos of the actors who are 'out and about', photos from premieres, ceremonies, events, official posters, stills, trailers etc.

    Or simply IMDB. Everyone knows it and it's really one of the best movie databases, which you can find on the Internet. I visit it when I want to know which title the movie got in other country, its release dates, memorable quotes and some interesting trivia.

    Logos are taken from its websites.

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