“Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story” (2011)

I just found out that an unauthorized biopic of J.K. Rowling has been made. So don't expect it's a documentary and all here is truth, but the film is dynamic and is very bound with the creation of Harry Potter story. I think it's nothing more than one beautiful feature film, which has a bit of a magic inside. The main part is played by actress Poppy Montgomery.

“Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story” dramatizes the British author’s struggle to bring the beloved wizard fantasy of Harry Potter to life. Starting out as a single mother on welfare, she becomes one of the world’s wealthiest women, with more than 400 million copies of her visionary books sold across the globe, resulting in a billion-dollar film franchise. The film is an inspiring look at a woman’s rise to become one of the most influential writers ever — from her humble beginnings as an imaginative young girl and awkward teenager to the devastating loss of her mother and the genesis of the Harry Potter phenomenon in her early twenties. The rags-to-riches tale also follows Rowling’s tumultuous first marriage, becoming a mother, her divorce and the dark days of living on government assistance while publisher after publisher passed on her first novel … before it became an international best-seller and established Rowling’s rightful place in literary and cultural history. (Official movie site)


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