Favorite movie websites - part 1

I want to tell you about my favorite movie websites, which I check very often. I hope you will find something new for yourself, when you check out these websites.

The one of the greatest movie magazines launches a great site. They post the news very quickly, make interesting quizzes, write related to the biggest movie releases articles, interviews (this week is so many trivia about "The Deathly Hallows 2") and their exclusive videos are really unusual.

This is my favorite movie database, where I always check who directed/stared in what. Also I find there information which movies just opened in theaters and how many positive reviews from critics did they got. You can log in there with your Facebook account and see which movies like your friends.

iTunes team made a very handy pages of upcoming movies, where are not just trailers, clips and other related to the movies promo videos, but also very detailed synopsis, image gallery and you can buy movies/soundtracks online there.

This blog I found just after I created my own and since then it's an inspiration to me, because its a bit hard to keep up with blog, update every time something happens and to make a blog cozy, but the creator of this blog manages to do all of it in time. Especially I love its subject area - I found there so much information about costumed movies.
I discovered this site a couple of weeks ago, but I loved it from the very first click. They publish many interesting interviews with anybody who is related to the filmmaking process and other news very fast.

Soon I'll write the next part (there are more interesting websites than you think).

Logos are taken from its websites.

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