"Anonymous" Poll

Roland Emmerich presents us a new story about legendary poet William Shakespeare. There are some rumours that Shakespeare hasn't written all those brilliant plays and sonnets. One of the most popular alternative versions is that he was a fraud and even couldn't write. "Anonymous" shows us a possible story, where Edward de Vere (Rhys Ifans), an intelligent count, wrote "Hamlet", "Richard III", "Macbeth", "Julius Caesar" and many other plays. So I'm curious what your opinion is about this.

P.S. Funny story took place when I was about to see this film in the cinema. Three trailers were shown and opening titles of... Summit Entertainment began. I said it's a bad sign, because this studio makes Twilight adaptations... and I was right. "Breaking Dawn Part 1" started. Everyone was confused, but cinema workers haven't noticed their mistake until we told them. After a few minutes we finally got what we've paid for. It was a big relief, when I saw Columbia Pictures titles.

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