Guest stars on "Friends", Part 1

For many years "Friends" were there for me and still are. It's my all time favourite TV show, so I'm starting to write some posts about it.

I always was nicely surprised, when some good actors appeared on "Friends" episodes, and I was like "wow" for the first time I watched them. Now it's time to remember who those talented actors are, what are they famous for and whom they played.

P.S. I wanted to do it in a chronological order (from the first to the last season), but I messed up and it isn't in any order.

Helen Hunt
As Phoebe's twin sister Ursula Buffay occasionally appeared on other TV show, sitcom "Mad About You", its main character, Jamie Buchman, once steppes into legendary 'Central Perk' and confuses Ursula with Phoebe. Jamie asks her to get a cup of coffee, but it doesn't surprise her, when Phoebe has no idea who Jamie is, because Ursula always has been a bit off. Helen was great even though she was on the screen for just a few minutes.
Appearances: 1.16 "The One With The Two Parts, Part 1".
Why I like her? I love her different characters from "What Women Want" and "Pay It Forward".

George Clooney
He played one of two doctors, whom Rachel and Monica met at the hospital while Rachel injured her ankle. Girls faked the insurance, but "returned to the crime scene" by asking two hot doctors on a double-date. They ended up in a fight, but George's character still makes me say "awww", when he enters the episode.
Appearances: 1.17 "In The One With Two Parts, Part 2".
Why I like him? I will never forget his part in the film "From Dusk till Dawn".

Bruce Willis
Bruce got here by losing a bet to Matthew Perry. He portrayed Paul Stevens, Elizabeth's father. Ross was going out with his young daughter and, of course, Paul didn't like him. But then he met Rachel and started dating her, so for a while all four of them were pleased. Also Bruce Willis was one of the funniest guest stars on this show.
Appearances: 6.21 "The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad", 6.22 "The One Where Paul's The Man" and 6.23 "The One With The Ring".
Why I like him? This list is going to be long - "Die Hard" series, "The Fifth Element", "Sin City", "Red" etc.

Hugh Laurie
Do you remember that cynical British gentleman, who was sitting next to Rachel on the plane? Yes, it was Hugh Laurie. Thanks to that original sense of humour he became even more famous than Jennifer Aniston nowadays, because of playing one very cynical doctor. there is even a joke about them.
Appearances: 4.24 "The One With Ross' Wedding, Part 2".
Why I like him? Hugh has a great British sense of humour. I like watching "House" and I enjoyed his minor part in "Sense and Sensibility".

Reese Witherspoon
Young Reese played one of Rachel's sisters, Jill Green. She was sweet, but incredibly annoying and spoiled, so she even got an episode named after her. Their relationship with Rachel wasn't good, because Jill flirted with Ross to mess with her. On the picture below you can see the funny moment, when Joey says to her sister "How you doing'?" and Rachel says "Don't!"
Appearances: 6.13 "The One With Rachel's Sister", 6.14 "The One Where Chandler Can't Cry".
Why I like her? She portrayed a very nice and smart blonde in both "Legally Blonde" films, but my favourite film with her is "Just Like Heaven".

Kathleen Turner
Chandler Bing's father has admitted that he is gay, moved to Las Vegas and became a drag queen. Monica decided to invite him to the wedding, that's why he appeared in a couple of episodes. When I discovered that Charles Bing was played by Kathleen Turner, I was surprised. I hadn't recognised her at all.
Appearances: 7.22 "The One with Chandler's Dad", 7.24 "The One With Monica And Chandler's Wedding, Part 2".
Why I like her? Of course, it is because of "Peggy Sue Got Married", "Romancing the Stone" and "The Jewel of the Nile".

Sean Penn
Phoebe's twin sister Ursula lied to many people, including her fiancée Eric. When Phoebe discovers this, she tries to be honest with him, because he is a nice guy and her sister doesn't deserve him. Sean is charming and wears nice costume, but his part was played very fast.
Appearances: 8.06 "The One With The Halloween Party"
Why I like him? His Harvey Milk and Emmet Ray will always make me cry.

Anna Faris
She played Erica, a girl who gave birth to Monica and Chandler's twins. She wasn't that smart, because she didn't even recognise when was having labour or she misunderstood a phrase about two beating hearts.
Appearances: 10.09 "The One With The Birth Mother", 10.16 "The One With Rachel's Going Away Party", 10.17 "The Last One, Part 1" and 10.18 "The Last One, Part 2".
Why I like her? She is one of the main reasons why you should watch "Scary Movie" series.

There will be at least two more posts about guest stars on "Friends".

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