"Brave" / "Храбрая сердцем" (2012) - Trailer #2

New "Brave" trailer is out! The first one was very dramatic and dark, but this video is more funny and sunny. Merida, ginger princess, has a tough temper and doesn't want to marry one of those pathetic 'heroes'. When you see them, you will understand her. She sets of to find some adventure and she gets in serious trouble.

You can find trailer in the end of this very long post, right after some screencaps with my captions.
Warning: not all of them are witty.

More about "BRAVE" 2012!

Is something horrible is going to happen?... Or not.

Yep, something horrible funny happened.

Without a good dinner you have no chance to be a good king.

Giggling is Merida's credo.

Past warriors. Present weirdos. Are they going to be future husbands?

Skilled archer, isn't she? Perhaps, she could find her husband among the elves...

Like mother, like daughter.

Tiny woman to cope with such crazy family? She has to have nerves of iron.

That moment when anybody should run away screaming. But if you are really BRAVE, you can stay.

Gingerheads are taking the world! Like Weasley twins. I mean, triplets.

So... scary...

I hope, she saw "127 hours" and knows how climbing could end.

Definitely, she is a perfect match for Legolas.


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