Why, Twilight saga?

This story confused me since I've heard about it for the first time. A fourth adaptation, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1", will be out soon, so I decided to write a post, dedicated to its upcoming release.

I have some (many) questions, which will be never answered. But if you heard about "Twilight" (books or films), you'd wonder about those things too.

* Why can vampires have children?
It's the main question. You know that they shouldn't. But happy ending needs at least one baby.

* Why is sparkling so dramatic?
I like 'burning alive' vampire feature more. That is dramatic (besides bloody, smelly and deadly)!

* Why are werewolves so fluffy?
Should they look like nice pets?

* Why are vampires pale here?
They can walk in the sun, but 'pale' means 'aristocratic', isn't it?

* Why do people make all those ugly tattoos with main characters?
It's creepy.

* Why do people still believe that your next film will be better than previous one?
I don't want to disappoint you, but that's impossible.

* Why are film adaptations made in green and grey colours?
Green and grey, green and grey... I'm falling asleep again.

* Do they play baseball?
They should play 'trick or treat'.

* Is there no Apocalypse coming soon?
What? No serious threat? That's disappointing.

* Alexandre Desplat, Howard Shore, Muse and Linkin Park, why have you agreed to make some music for this story?
You did your part great. But I'm still curious.

* Are there anyone, who likes leather clothing?
These vampires should wear something more gothic, or rock'n'roll, or punk.

* Are you joking about "Forever is only the beginning"?
I hope, you are. Because it's the first part of the ending.

Yes, Twilight saga caused too many questions. When I remember more, I'll update this post.

Have you ever asked any of them? Leave a comment below.

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